Tailored Treatments

All treatments are tailor made to meet your individual needs and requirements. Those needs are thoroughly discussed and a detailed consultation including medical history is taken. Where necessary, a postural assessment is carried out including range of movement testing. This helps to identify any areas of the body which may need special attention.

Advanced Clinical & Remedial Sports Massage

Following the principles of the Jing Method™ treatments utilise a unique outcome-based approach. Using a fusion of advanced soft tissue techniques including myofascial release, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, advanced stretching and tailored self care, I am able to target your areas of concern helping to reduce pain, increase range of movement and promote healing within the body within 1-6 clinical treatments.

I use a warm and heart centred approach that takes full account of all your physical and emotional needs and am committed to working alongside you to get the results you need.

Clinical massage treatments do not need to cause pain to get you out of pain. 

£45 – 45mins
£55 – 60mins
£65 – 75mins*
£75 – 90mins

*This is recommended for your first appointment to allow for a thorough assessment and treatment plan to be discussed.

What does clinical & remedial sports massage treatment include?

These treatments are ideal for individuals who are suffering with ongoing, chronic pain. They are targeted treatments using an outcome based approach. Treatments can help to address common musculoskeletal pain conditions including frozen shoulder, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, low back pain, headaches, to name just a few.
Click on the FAQ’S page to see a full list of musculoskelatal conditions that I can help you with.

Using natural volcanic, basalt stones the application of heat increases blood flow to the muscles and creates more elasticity within the tissues. In addition it allows the therapist to work deeper but also produces a calming and therapeutic effect of easing clients pain.  

Myofascia is the multi-layered connective tissue that wraps around and through all the muscles in the body. It supports, stabilises and connects everything in your body from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Myofascia can become tense leading to restricted muscle movement and blood flow. Myofascial release involves stretching, moving and separating the fascia to permit free movement of the muscle and promote healthy lymphatic drainage. MFR is essential for the treatment of pain. By helping to release restrictions in the fascia you allow the body to realign and rebalance. 

A trigger point can be defined as a small area of tightness within a muscle which forms a tight band or knot within the contracted tissue at the source of pain. When a muscle over-contracts it prevents its ability to relax. This results in a restriction in the blood flow, oxygen starvation in the muscle tissue and a build up of metabolic waste products which lead to pain and tenderness being felt. Often the pain can refer away from the trigger point and be felt in other areas of the body. Trigger points will cause referred pain in a predictive pattern. Successfully treating trigger points can greatly reduce pain and irritation. 

A massage technique that uses sustained pressure to apply slow, deep, broad strokes effectively targeting the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissue. The benefits of deep tissue techniques includes helping to break up scar tissue that may have formed following an injury and to reduce tension within the muscle and its structures. 

To achieve the best results in the treatment of pain and prevention of injury, stretching is most effective when carried out following heat application, fascial work and trigger point work. The type of stretching used will be based on the clients presenting condition and the outcome they are trying to achieve. The different types of stretching include passive stretching, PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation), AIS (Active Isolated Stretch) or Myofascial Stretching. 

To get the most benefit from your treatments, self-care advice is given at the end of the session. This will be tailored to your individual needs and requirements. This may be in the form of stretches you can perform at home to increase flexibility, range of movement or to help improve functional, daily tasks like getting an item down from your top shelf or reaching down to tie your shoe-laces. It may also be the suggestion of breathing and meditation techniques to help with relaxation and mindfulness or advice and referral to classes that would be helpful such as yoga, Pilates or T’ai Chi.

man having his head massaged

Holistic Relaxation Massage

If you’re seeking a treatment to simply unwind, disconnect, and relax, this is the ideal choice for you.

£40 – 45 mins
£50 – 60 mins
£60 – 75 mins
£70 – 90 mins

This is an effective treatment which can either relax or revitalise you, depending on your needs. Holistic massage can help to improve muscle and skin tone and promotes a sense of well-being. The therapeutic effects of touch have been used for centuries to help heal ailments and imbalances in the body. As well as releasing tension in the soft tissues of the body, massage encourages better circulation and aids lymphatic drainage, helping to eliminate waste toxins.

Massage can also help the body to release endorphins, our natural feel good chemicals. It helps to relax the body, boost the immune system and increases vitality.

Specific types of massages

£50 – 60 mins 

£60 – 75 mins 

Massage during pregnancy has significant benefits for both the mother to be and the developing baby. For the mother, massage can help soothe nerves, reduce stress and relieve common complaints such as fatigue, backache, aching legs and feet, and many other physical and emotional conditions associated with pregnancy. The massage helps to improve circulation which in turn can increase the supply of oxygenated blood and nutrients to both mother and baby. Massage can help after birth too. It helps to promote muscle healing and spinal alignment, both of which are important in returning your body to its pre-pregnancy state. 

NB: Please note pregnancy massage can only be performed in the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy. 

On-site chair massage is a rejuvenating and flexible treatment which makes it perfect for the workplace or at corporate events. Seated in a specially designed massage chair, a combination of massage techniques can be used to deliver an effective massage to the back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and scalp. 

There is no need to undress and no oils are used, which allows the client to return straight back to work feeling refreshed and revitalised. There are numerous benefits to on-site chair massage in the work place which include but are not limited to: 

  • Easing tension and knotted muscles 
  • Encourages a sense of calm and relaxation 
  • Can relieve feelings of anxiety and stress 
  • Can increase mental alertness and clarity of thinking 
  • Helps to improve circulation and improve immune function 

Treatments can vary between 10 – 30 minutes in duration. For prices and further information, please contact Jacqui on 07902 001595 or by email